Water Fire Extinguisher
3 litre* Rating 13A
6 litre Rating 13A
9 litre Rating 13A / 21A

Suitable for flammable solids such as wood, paper, straw etc.
Water extinguishers are a cost effective basic extinguisher to meet minimum requirements.

* This size contain a fire fighting additive to enhance performance offering a lighter alternative.
AFFF Foam Fire Extinguishers
1 litre Rating 5A
2 litre Rating 8A 55B
3 litre Rating 13A 70B
6 litre Rating 13A 144B
9 litre Rating 21A 183B

Suitable for flammable solids and liquids.
Foam extinguishers are good for multi risk environments Ratings vary between manufacturers
ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
1kg Rating 8A 34B
2kg Rating 13A 70B
4kg Rating 21A 113B
6kg Rating 34A 233B
9kg. Rating 43A 233B

Suitable for flammable solids, liquids, gases and electrical fires.
Powder Extinguishers are very versatile extinguishers. Ideal for vehicles or multiple risk manufacturing environments. Ratings vary between manufacturers.
Co2 Fire Extinguishers
2kg Rating 34B
5kg Rating 55B

Suitable for flammable liquids and electrical fires.
Co2 Fire Extinguishers are effective, clean and powerful. They are particularly good for covering computer equipment etc.
Ideal for offices.
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
6 litre Rating 13A 75F
3 litre Rating 8A 75F

Suitable for flammable solids and cooking oil fires.
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are a revolutionary new type of fire extinguisher.
These fire extinguishers are ideal for commercial kitchens, chip shops and anywhere that uses deep fat fryers.
Recommended by the Fire Brigade and Insurance Companies.

Fire Extinguishers
We can supply a full range of kitemarked fire extinguishers to meet your requirements. All extinguishers are supplied commissioned ready to use and carry a minimum 5 year manufacturers guarantee. If you're not sure what you need contact us for a free fire extinguisher survey.

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