Fire Blankets
Fire blankets are ideal for small kitchens and for smothering small clothes or cooking fires.

We stock a full range of fire blankets
  • All fire blankets comply with BSEN 1869:1997
  • A range of top quality blankets with flush end caps for easy cleaning
  • 12 month warranty
  • Hinged cap with seal option

Fire And Safety Signs
Duddon Fire sell a wide range of fire safety signs. Top quality safety signs at great prices. For a sign catolgue please contact us.
Other Fire Safety Products
Duddon Fire have many other products and services available including:
  • Fire Points
  • Fire Extinguisher Stands
  • Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Transport Boxes
  • Fire Hoses
  • Fire Buckets
  • Fire Trolleys
  • Dorgard
  • Deafgard
  • Short Term Hire Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Extinguisher Advice
  • Fire Risk Assessment

This game is supplied by DirectGov. You can find more information on how to keep safe in your home on their website: HERE

Business Owners and other commercial laws are covered by Communities.Gov website HERE

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